Allow your taste buds to relish and savour the smoothness of Milae Vodka. Made from finest ingredients available across the globe to offer an exotic high to the consumers. Vodka consumption has an edge over other hard drinks in terms of quality of feeling one experience on account of its texture and quality. The sheer joy of congregating with your friends and letting yourself loose in the jamboree will be compelling. Milae vodka is meant for people who prioritize quality over everything else. The magic of Milae vodka is bound to take you aback considering its quality and diversified flavour which has been developed after brainstorming with Titans in the field.


Evan was on a business trip to Belgium where he met his close friend Timothy. Timothy informed Evan that he knew of a great manufacturer of vodka and that they should make a fun trip to this place to know more about there shared mutual love for Vodka. Evan who only drinks vodka and has consumed endless liters of the spirit had contemplated venturing into Vodka business for over two years now. They visited the manufacturing unit and negotiated with the vodka manufacturer. In the process they tasted a diverse variety of vodka's to arrive to the final flavor. They named it Milae which is a Korean word and stands for emotion and devotion - to reflect there commitment to this project. Consequently they called there close friends Nino and Justin who both had great expertise in building companies from the ground up and shared a mutual love for the finest vodka. Listening to the idea Nino and Justin found themselves enchanted by it and joined hands with Evan and Timothy to go ahead with this brainchild. The 4 friends found themselves deeply committed and devoted to the idea. All the four friends brainstormed the entire process from conceptualization to the launch of product. Eventually “Milae” - an ultra premium Vodka brand was born reflecting the deep emotional bond all the four friends had for the spirit and a promise to deliver the best to its community.



Vodka is more than a drink, it is an occasion to get together with your near and dear ones to enjoy the rich experience which you will cherish and treasure lifelong and leave an indelible memory. The beautiful experience will catapult you into higher orbit of elation and pure joy. Moonshine the generic term for vodka reflects the indigenous custom, taste and culture which people take as neat or cocktails and mixed drinks. Milae vodka is meant for connoisseur who wants to have a thrilling time together. You will find yourself lucky if you can get your hands on it. Milae vodka is available in beautifully crafted bottles that one can use for consumption or gifting


Evan Luthra is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor with a large varied group of business interests. Evan only drinks Vodka and is known for coming up with the world famous vodka #180 way of consuming the spirit.


Born in 1994 in Belgium he completed high school at the age of 17.By The time he reached in his 20’s he was already an entrepreneur.He founded Circle Holding NV which allows him to invest into diversified portfolio.His philosophy in life is to "surround yourself with people who you respect and can learn from"


An entrepreneur & investor


He is running a decentralized crypto business from space. As a self made entrepreneur from Sweden he really knows his vodka.